Environmental Philanthropic Behaviour Among Potential Online Donors

Today’s blog is something slightly different – a fascinating questionaire that provided data for Materialism, awareness of environmental consequences and environmental philanthropic behaviour among potential donors’, a paper by Piia Lundberg, Annukka Vainio, Ann Ojala and Anni Arponen, forthcoming in Environmental Values (Fast Track Summer 2019) and now online in its unedited  pre-print state.

The online questionnaire was used in the authors’ survey to collect data on environmental philanthropic behavior among potential online donors. The data was collected in Finland, and the original questionnaire was in Finnish. The questionnaire has been translated into English and can be viewed in PDF format as well as via the images reproduced below.

Article Abstract:

We explored the relationship between materialism, awareness of environmental consequences and environmental philanthropic behaviour with a web survey (n=2,079) targeted at potential donors living in Finland. Environmental philanthropic behaviour comprises donations of money and/or time to environmental charities. The awareness of environmental consequences was divided into egoistic, altruistic and biospheric concerns. Biospheric and egoistic concerns were positively, while materialism was negatively related to environmental philanthropic behaviour. Materialism was related to preference for charismatic species when choosing a target for donation. The results have implications for conservation marketing, emphasising the importance of taking different donor segments into account.

LundbergOnline Appendix_Page_1LundbergOnline Appendix_Page_2 2

LundbergOnline Appendix_Page_3

LundbergOnline Appendix_Page_4

LundbergOnline Appendix_Page_5

LundbergOnline Appendix_Page_6

LundbergOnline Appendix_Page_7

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